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Plug & Play IP Camera

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Looking for Peace of Mind without having to pay monthly or yearly fees? Look no further!

Feniva IP CAMERA gives you that "feel good" sensation of keeping your wallet or purse fat. We allow you to monitor the most important things in your life while on the go, anytime, anywhere, with a focus on Simplicity. And did we mention...No Subscription Fees?

 Feniva IP Camera is the fastest, easiest Plug and Play network camera on the planet, guaranteed. Within 45 seconds, your camera will be streaming video to you and whoever you give access to using your small business or home network connection. Want to use Wifi? It's just like adding your laptop to your wireless network. Just follow our quick installation quide and a minute later you are also wireless.

VISIBLE BY APP WITH IOS iPhone-iPad and Android, NO DynDNS needed, NO router configuration!

 Vision Applications:

• Baby – Sweet Dreams, blanket on?

• Elderly – Is Granny doing her exercise routine?

• Home – Are the kids doing their homework?

• Small Business – How are my employees treating my customers?

• Office – Who is napping on the job? • Restaurant – Is my Dining Room clean? Who is at my bar?

• Warehouse – How does my inventory look?

• Pet – My adorable Teddy chewing up my expensive rug?

 How It Works:

1. Plug camera into router.

2. Plug camera into power.

3. Enter ID and PW of camera into app, and you are done. Wifi setup is done quickly also afterward, just like adding your laptop to a wireless network, 45 seconds later, you are connected.


Record Video - Always Free.

View Playback - Always Free.

Remotely retrieve video playback from your SD Card - Always Free.

36 Channel Software for your PC - Free.

Multiple Camera viewing on your iPad or Android Tablet - Always Free.

Body Temperature/Sound/Motion Detecton Mobile Push Alerts - Always Free.

Up to 15 concurrent users viewing (ID and Password protected) - Always Free.

On Demand manual recording and snapshots on iOs/Android - Always Free.

Register your personal information online - Never